1. “The Days Go Ahead” .. Ramadan Sobhi sets off a resounding surprise that delights the Al-Ahly fans – Koura in Al-Ardahin the keel
  2. The reason for Ramadan Sobhi’s refusal to stay in Pyramids .. Details of his objection to Ihab Jalal’s decisionExclusive news
  3. A major crisis in Pyramids due to Ramadan Sobhi’s position, and the player strongly rejects Ihab Jalal’s decisionAhly News
  4. Shabana: Ramadan Sobhi asked to leave Pyramids in JanuaryAl-Watan Egyptian newspaper
  5. Ramadan Sobhi rejected Ihab Jalal’s decision.. The reason why he did not agree to stay at PyramidsExclusive news
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