” And shipwreck is sweet to me in this zooMARE ” – PHOTO

Diletta Leotta breast blowing in the wind on the ferry: the commentary is Oscar-worthy. “And shipwreck is sweet to me in this zooMARE”. Unleashed users in the last shot posted by the sports journalist.

Diletta Leotta (Instagram photo)


Diletta Leotta this time he exaggerates: the last post, in just one hour, collected about 123 thousand likes! Scary numbers for the most desired sports journalist in Italy. The Sicilian beauty continues to be extremely sensual and captivating even without wanting to, giving life to an ‘imaginary’ dualism with the other beauty of ‘DAZN’, that is Giorgia Rossianother flagship of the Instagram platform.

The face of Dazn he never stops showing his sensational bombastic forms, triggering the comments of the fans who, once again, have given life to memorable answers that make these posts even hilarious …

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Diletta Leotta breast blowing in the wind on the ferry: the commentary is Oscar-worthy

La Diletta amazes everyone with her windowsill, definitely highlighted and also highlighted by the wind: a crazy body with a sensationally fit flat stomach, pants and white tank top, the wind blows on the hair and on the view of the beautiful Leotta visibly amused by the moment, with the breasts in full view by virtue of a neckline that provocative is an understatement.

The journalist is absolutely in shape and it shows, giving magical moments to those who have seen this post: those who have not zoomed in mind, as a user clearly says who should be reported to memorable comments, another particularly lively and interesting page of social networks …

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