Close to 3 billion Mexican pesos is the bag at stake this weekend in the Powerball lottery.

Lottery players often dream of the homes and luxuries they could buy, the vacations they could take, and the people with whom they could share their prize, if they were lucky enough to win the lottery. What if the prize of your dreams was a bag of 150 million dollars like the one offered by the Powerball this Saturday, July 17?

Can I play Powerball from Mexico?

Yes! It is possible to officially participate in the draw for the Powerball from anywhere in the world by entering TheLotter site, the leading online lottery ticket purchase service.

According to Sebastián Díaz, spokesman for the online ticketing service, playing this lottery from Mexico is not only possible, but it is also easier than playing from the United States. “Millions of people from all over the planet buy their tickets daily with us and, among them, many Mexicans. Imagine, thanks to our services you could win the biggest lottery prize in the world without even leaving your house!, dice Cooremans.

Playing the lottery online at TheLotter is simple

  1. Sign up for TheLotter.
  2. Select the lottery Powerball.
  3. Choose 5 numbers (from 1 to 69) on the game form.
  4. Choose 1 additional “Powerball” number (from 1 to 26) in the orange field of the form.
  5. Confirm your ticket purchase at the bottom.

Once the purchase is confirmed, the service will buy the physical ticket in the name of the player. The receipt will be scanned and uploaded to the personal account If you have been lucky enough to win, the good news is that the platform will not charge you any commission for your prizes!

What if I am not a citizen of the United States?

“In accordance with the rules of the PowerballYou don’t have to be a US citizen or resident to play US lotteries, ”explains Cooremans. “By using TheLotter’s online lottery ticket purchasing services, everyone can participate in the Powerball draws with official tickets and also have the same chances of winning as someone who bought their tickets in the United States themselves ”.

True winners

Through the years, TheLotter has paid out more than $ 105 million in prizes to more than 6 million winners around the world. The stories of its biggest winners show that it doesn’t matter where in the world you areYou can play and also win great prizes, even if you don’t buy your tickets in person in the United States.

Panamanian wins a jackpot of $ 30 million

Despite being retired, Aura D. from Panama had continued working to support her children. He had only played with TheLotter for about two months, before landing his first Florida Lotto prize. Aura was the sole jackpot winner in the July 2017 drawing, qualifying her for the entire jackpot of $ 30 million.

Iraqi Wins Oregon Megabucks Jackpot Without Leaving Baghdad

MM, a Baghdad resident, played the lottery online at TheLotter and won a jackpot from the Oregon Megabucks of $ 6.4 million in August 2015. The victory of the Iraqi winner was such a unique story that it was published in the big media of the United States and everyone pointed out that it was perfectly legal for foreigners to win lottery prizes American buying official tickets online.

Will your dreams of winning the lottery come true?

Play the lottery online at TheLotter it is simple and safe. With just a few clicks and a little bit of luck, you could become the next big lottery winner.