Analía Franchín revealed the reason why she never married Sebastián Eskenazi

“I was always afraid of the formality of marriage. I prefer to have to fight the relationship day by day. Not relax and say: ‘Total is already mine’. I don’t want that, I don’t like it”, Indian.

Finally, Analía said that on one occasion she had decided to marry an ex-boyfriend but that she left him planted at the last minute.

“I already had an attempted marriage with an ex-boyfriend, with whom we had the church, we went to the talks, we had the date, the catering and the paid room. But I suspended everything and told him that we could continue the relationship but he did not encourage me to get married “, Franchin concluded.

Analia Franchin

Unexpected cross between Analía Franchín and Tamara Báez

Tamara Báez, the couple from L-Ghent, showed the change that was made in the eyebrows and Analia Franchin He joked about it on social media.

The panelist shared a note published by Ciudad Magazine where she talked about the retouching that the Jamaican mother did and compared her to Frida Kahlo.

“Muñes, although they continue, there is only one Frida”expressed comparing Tamara’s eyebrows with those of the iconic painter.

Given this post, Tamara used her social networks to respond to Analía. “And Tamara there is only one, I don’t understand why the lady uploads this. At that age, start playing with the grandchildren and get off Instagram if you are going to use it to criticize anything else…”, Shooting.

“That criticism is over, the nails too… 2022, get used to it”, dedicated the girlfriend of L-Ghent, very spicy.

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Before closing, he shared a photo of Analía on MasterChef Celebrity with a maple of eggs on his head as a hat and added a strong message. “Perfect for her” sentenced.

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Unexpected cross between Analía Franchín and Tamara Báez: "Get to..."

Unexpected cross between Analía Franchín and Tamara Báez: “Put on…”



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