AN will strengthen street parliamentarianism with a day on social networks

With the aim of disseminating and publicizing the 59 laws approved since 2021 by the National Assembly (AN), authorities and parliamentarians will implement a listening day through social networks, as part of the deployment of street assemblies ordered to this legislative period 2023-2024.

The information was released by deputy Rodolfo Crespo, president of the Comprehensive Social Development Commission, who in a television interview explained that the first vice president of the AN, Pedro Infante, will be ready for this day; the second vice president, América Pérez, and several deputies.

«We want to connect social street parliamentarism with social networks. For that, we will launch a listening day that asks that the people legislate, “he said.

Action plan: viable laws

He announced that it is planned to carry out an action plan in order to guarantee the application of the legislative measures approved by the National Assembly during the first 100 days after their approval, this plan seeks to evaluate the applicability of the laws.

The deputy Rodolfo Crespo explained that these actions are given by the instruction of the president of the Parliament, Jorge Rodríguez, who urged the deputies to have a greater presence and contact with the people in all the territories of the country.

«We are intermediaries between the people and what should happen in the legislative field. This is a new parliament at the service of the people,” he added.

In this sense, he clarified that the National Assembly “is not corporatist, but one made up of the representatives of the people, of the people who fight,” Crespo emphasized.

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AN legislative agenda

The parliamentarian explained that part of the agenda in the Comprehensive Social Development Commission of the AN will address “the regulations for workers such as the second discussion of the Law on Workers with Disabilities; Agricultural Workers; student participation, the regulations for workers in the motorized sector, will be part of the legislative agenda.

For this year, said representative Crespo, the aim is for the National Assembly to return to its origin, which is to be in the streets listening to the people.

“For the year 2023, it is a year for the entire parliament, as we did with the first laws, to return to its natural spirit, which is to be on the street. This year begins with 53 sanctioned laws, ”he emphasized.



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