An unexpected reaction from Aiten Amer’s husband after their divorce… What he did was shocking!! – (Photo) – Norte newspaper

Despite the spread of news of their divorce, the husband of Ayten Amer; Director of Photography Mohamed Ezz Al Arab He still has not changed his marital status through his own account on the social networking site.Facebook».

In his account on the social networking site Facebook, the word “married” appears, as he has not changed it until now.

Close sources confirmed that the artist, Aiten Amer, and her husband, the director of photography, had divorced Ezz Al-Arab officially. Sources close to the couple added that the divorce was decided by a famous lawyer in El-Manial.

Aiten Amer did not officially confirm her divorce:

But Aiten has not yet come out and officially announced her divorce, which made the public speculate about the reasons for the divorce. Some speculated that the song Tuta Fruta that Aiten recently presented is the reason, especially since her words are bold than usual for “Aiten” and she says in a clip of it: “I am a mezze and a goose.” I shake you, my eyes are innocent and provocative.”

The artist, Aiten Amer, ignored the news of her separation from her husband, Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab, and posted on her account on the photo and video exchange site,Instagram» A video of her behind the scenes of her latest song, Tuta Fruta.

Aiten Amer raises controversy with a sudden comment after the news of her divorce:

And Aiten Amer had raised the controversy with the first comment after the news of her divorce, where she hinted that it was a wrong decision, as she wrote, on her own account on the “Site” website.Twitter“I am sure that this is the wrong decision.. = Do you know how? I am very attracted to him and I want to choose him.

The decision appears to be the result of a problem that suddenly occurred between Aiten Amer and her husband, as the artist always confirmed that her husband tries in every way to do the things that make her happy, and that before she talks about the things that she rejects, he understands from the looks of the eye.

She added, in a previous interview on the “Ink Serri” program, with the media, Asma Ibrahim, on the “Cairo and the People” channel, that her husband is trying in every way to quit smoking because she does not like smoking, and she points out that she loves her husband, and he also loves her.

She revealed that her husband asked her to cook for him Sa’idi food; She explained that some of the foods she did not know and she was calling his friend’s wife to explain to her, pointing out that when she was young, she used to prepare sweets or simple foods, noting that when she got married, she found Muhammad Ezz Al-Arab offering her “menu for strange Upper Egyptian dishes.”

Ayten Amer and the story of her husband from Ezz Al-Arab:

Aiten Amer and Muhammad Ezz Al-Arab got engaged in 2015, and the ceremony was limited to the presence of Wafa Amer And her husband, producer Mohamed Fawzy, was at her home, in the presence of a number of Aiten’s close friends in person. The couple celebrated their wedding on July 23, 2015, shortly after their engagement.

The first meeting between them was during the filming of the series The Seven Commandments, and she described it as ridiculous, heavy in blood, but she loved him in their second meeting during the filming of the movie “Zanqa Stat”.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Ezz El-Arab, born in Cairo Governorate, was born on January 1, 1981, and works as a director of photography.

Aiten Amer had two children from her husband, Muhammad Ezz Al-Arab, who are “Aiten and Youssef”, and the artist was keen to hide their photos from the media.

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