An OHL hold-up in Charleroi?  “These are the tastiest victories”

An OHL hold-up in Charleroi? “These are the tastiest victories”

The Louvanists suffered on the lawn of Sporting. But they left Charleroi with the three points and an excellent operation in the standings.

25 shots on goal at 9, 5 attempts on target at 2, 65% possession against 35: the figures support the observation, OHL was clearly dominated by Sporting de Charleroi. However, it was Louvain who left Mambourg with the three points.

“These are the tastiest victories”

A hold up? “It’s probably our least deserved victory of the season,” replied Casper De Norre, who was decisive by launching Mousa Al-Tamari on the only goal of the match. “But these are the tastiest victories, because you have to struggle to get them. After such a difficult period, it feels good to continue,” adds the Leuven side.

OHL had indeed experienced a serious low between mid-January and the end of February, with a series of seven games without a win, but thanks to the six out of six they have just conquered, the Louvanists have returned to a small point of the top 8…

3 ⃣ wins in a row against Sporting Charleroi. For #ohleuven a first time in the Jupiler Pro League 📊#CHAOHL

— OH Leuven (@OHLeuven) March 11, 2023

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