an iron Jackson in a velvet “Glove”

Roanne – Fos-sur-Mer

101 – 76

48 points and 57 ratings between them! Jackson (26 points, 9 assists, 32 evaluation) and Gant (22 points, 6 rebounds, 25 evaluation) flew over the meeting, like the team where Touré feasted with 9 points and as many rebounds. But it is collectively that Roanne impressed – 27 assists – the Byers, too tender, exploded in a few minutes.

Louis Marnette must have appreciated. Victim of an attack of appendicitis on Friday morning, he had to give up. Jean-Denys Choulet, the choir coach, can be satisfied with the evening. 27 assists, a perfect start and Gant who revived. “The start took a lot of pressure off. It was the…


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