An Iraqi flare-up .. “a famous YouTuber” kills his daughter for a shocking reason!

In the details of the incident in Basra Governorate, a security source from the city stated, “There is great secrecy over the circumstances of that incident, because it is related to my clan, but the incident started when al-Issawi saw his daughter standing with one of the young men who engaged her previously, but her father refused, All he had to do was quarrel with the young man, then he returned to the house and quickly drew his weapon, and opened fire on his daughter to kill her.”

The source, who declined to be named, added to “Sky News Arabia” that “the Al-Issawi family was unable to stop him, as the girl’s mother tried to prevent the crime, but he was faster and stronger than her, so he committed his crime, and then fled,” referring to “The security forces are still looking for him to bring him to justice, to receive his just punishment.”

Al-Issawi, a famous YouTuber, has dozens of video clips on YouTube and participates a lot in talk shows, on television channels, as well as live broadcasts on social networks, where he provides humorous content.

Despite the conflicting reports about this incident, and the multiplicity of accounts, Hussein al-Shahmani, who is a close friend of al-Issawi and works in the same field, confirmed that story, and said through a video clip, “It is a clan and internal affair, and we should not interfere in it.” This subjected him to severe criticism.

wide solidarity

Iraqi activists launched the hashtag #Haq_Shahd_Al-Issawi to express their solidarity with the 15-year-old girl, amid calls to amend laws, which include issues of honor and others, in light of the aggravation of family problems, and the dependence of many perpetrators of these crimes on those legal articles.

Although al-Issawi is not covered by this law, as his daughter was talking to one of the young men, who had engaged her previously, while another narration said that the person surprised her when he knocked on the door and she opened for him, as she thought he was one of her brothers, as she was not used to talking with others, by virtue of clan nature.

The writer Mahmoud Al-Najjar, commenting on the incident, said: “Muhammad Al-Issawi killed his 14-year-old daughter (Shahid), because he saw her with a young man in front of the door of the house. After conducting the medical report, it was found that no one had touched or scratched the little Shahd.

While the journalist Ali Farhan wrote: “Yesterday, a student killed his father, mother and brother in Najaf, and after examinations, it was found that the reason for committing the crime was using narcotics… I think there is no explanation for the crime that the so-called Muhammad al-Issawi committed against his daughter other than that he is an addict.. It is impossible to restore the truth, And the injustice stops, without an end to drugs.”

Crimes have escalated in Iraq during the past months, while psychological experts attribute this to its link to the economic situation, high poverty rates, and the effects of the Corona pandemic on jobs.

Psychological researcher, Mona Al-Amiri, believes that “crimes in Iraq have become a natural phenomenon, for a number of reasons, most notably ignorance, backwardness, and the lack of educated people in societies, which is quickly reflected in the situation of those cities, especially the southern ones, which have enormous resources, but they are still It takes a long time and great efforts to invest it in reviving economic development.”

Al-Amiri added, in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, that “the government and judicial and legislative bodies must take strict measures, such as amending laws related to honor crimes, as well as putting an end to the issue of the proliferation of weapons, and conducting the necessary examinations on applicants for it.”

She pointed out that “the need to launch a broad plan to completely end the phenomenon of crimes in Iraq.”



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