An invitation from the army to the resistance committees

An invitation from the army to the resistance committees

To the young women and men of our country from the resistance committees across the country

Your armed forces value your pioneering role in directing your energies by extending a helping hand by contributing to the provision of necessary services to those in need under these circumstances experienced by our patient people.

We invite you to continue to play this role in full coordination with your armed forces in various parts of the capital and the states, and to miss the opportunity for the enemies of our people and our country from the militia of oppression and rebellion who spread chaos and systematic destruction of the capabilities of this nation, and to avoid mistrust that leads to a wedge between the country’s army and the sons and daughters of our people from the resistance committees Honorable people in the capital and states.

Your armed forces will work to develop effective mechanisms for this coordination so that our country will overcome this ordeal in peace soon, God willing, to reach the station of sustainable democratic civil rule, which is the desired goal of your glorious revolution.

May God protect our country and its proud people, and God is the conciliator and helper

Office of the Official Spokesperson for the Armed Forces

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#One _ Army _ One _ People
Is this an army of trampling?

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