An intimate appearance causes a stir

Beatrice Egli & Florian Silbereisen: do they cause an explosion?

On July 15, Flori invited to the summer hit party, but unlike usual, this year it is not a live show. The fans will therefore only see the spectacle on August 20th. But the fans who were there insisted on publishing the first photos and videos of the concert. The material only increases the anticipation, because the recordings show Florian and Beatrice show full physical effort and dance closely together.

Wow, it seems obvious that one or the other viewer will get the idea of ​​getting the rumor mill to boil again. Florian is also aware of this, because he explained in advance when he spoke about the song selection:

Then the headlines will explode again.

He seems to have been right, because the network is already teeming with comments about the videos. The rumors about a relationship between Beatrice and Florian go into the next round.

Sources used: Instagram,

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