An intact baby in the middle of three decomposing bodies: the mystery hidden in the walls of a mansion

An intact baby in the middle of three decomposing bodies: the mystery hidden in the walls of a mansion

A baby carefully placed in the middle of a scene that gets responses years later.  (Credit: Pixabay)

A baby carefully placed in the middle of a scene that gets responses years later. (Credit: Pixabay)

When I was on vacation with my family in the summer of 2017, I saw a woman in Nice, France. I was with her two small children of hers and I had a fleeting vision of her (…) it seemed that she had secrets and I kept imagining her as a child running through the streets of Chelsea escaping from her house in a nightgown barefoot . My book was my attempt to find a story for this woman.”.

This is how the British author described Lisa Jewell a Planet of Books Where did the idea of ​​writing come from? Inside the house, and thriller that now reaches the Spanish-speaking public after becoming a bestseller and add more than 10 million copies sold in its original version; addresses topics such as secrets, mystery, crime, family and even self-discovery, in the suffocating environment of a particular mansion

“Many of my books have a house as the main character because I am obsessed with what happens behind closed doors. I love the idea that you can go down the street and behind each door there is a family, there is an individual, there is a story, there is something that is happening because people behave differently inside their homes than they do outside.” .

“Inside the House” by Lisa Jewell

“Inside the House” by Lisa Jewell

“Libby picks up the letter from the doormat. She turns him around. She seems to be very formal; the envelope is cream-coloured, of good quality, and appears to be lined with tissue paper. The postage reads ‘Smithkin Rudd and Royle Solicitors Chelsea Manor Street SW3’.

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He takes the letter into the kitchen and leaves it on the table while he fills the kettle and puts a teabag in a cup. Libby is almost certain that she knows what is inside the envelope. (Fragment Inside the house).

This is how Jewell’s novel begins, a story full of mystery around the life of Libby, who turns 25, the same time that has passed since a terrifying case occurred in a mansion in a luxurious neighborhood of Chelsea, in London. In the kitchen of the big house lies a baby in perfect condition along with three corpses that have been decomposing for several days. Next to him appears a note. The baby in this scene is Libby, who, two decades later, finds out that she is the heir to this mansion from which she was rescued and later adopted.

Libby, who leads a quiet life in a small but comfortable apartment in the city, arrives at the mansion and will begin to discover a large number of secrets surrounding her very existence, including a threat that has been stalking her for years.

The details about the domestic environment and the crime are the central axes of this story in which curious and intriguing characters are discovered as the case they are trying to solve. All told from three perspectives: two that tell the story today and another character, Henry, who contextualizes what happened before Libby’s birth, all trying to discover what this house hides.

♦ He was born in London, England, on July 19, 1968.

♦ Studied Art and Design at Barnet College and Epsom School of Art.

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♦ Has become inclined towards fashion design.

♦ She became interested in the world of writing and attended St Michael Grammar School.

♦ He has written romantic novels with everyday situations and thrillers.

♦ His first book was titled Ralph’s party and came to light in 1999

♦ Some of his books: Dream street, 31, Thirty-zero, And you, have you found it?, When Ellie left.

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