An Indiana pastor confesses adultery from the pulpit: “It was with me and I was 16 years old,” a parishioner responds | News Univision United States

An Indiana pastor confessed from the pulpit of his church that he had committed the sin of adultery almost 20 years ago, asked for forgiveness and announced his resignation. His congregation greeted him with a standing ovation. But immediately, a parishioner took her word to clarify that her “infidelity” was with her when she was 16 years old.

Pastor John Lowe’s confession and the retort from the woman who accused him of lying about adultery when he had abused her as a minor took place on Sunday, May 22, at the New Life and World Reach Christian Church in Warsaw, Indiana.

A Church statement revealed that prior to the exchange, the woman had already disclosed the facts to other members of the organization and Pastor Lowe had privately confessed that “adultery had in fact occurred,” not that it had been with a minor.

The Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office, according to local television, opened an investigation into the events.

Pastor Lowe, who has been married for 45 years, publicly confessed to what he called “adultery.” “It lasted too long, it involved one person and there has never been another. I have no defense, I sinned,” he said.

The applause with which the congregation received the supposed exercise in candor was soon interrupted when a woman took the microphone and said: “It was 27 years ago, not 20… and I was 16 years old when you took my virginity on the floor of your office , You remember? I know yes.”

“You have to tell the truth”

“This is a lie,” he told the pastor. “You have to tell the truth,” he claimed. His voice cracking, he insisted that “the lies and manipulation must stop.” “I was a prisoner, you kept me in your prison,” he added as the pastor listened next to her. “I am no longer a prisoner,” she added.

The video shows how someone seems to try to stop the woman’s intervention, but the pastor intercedes so that she can continue speaking.

In addition, the woman’s husband takes the floor, who says that the relationship with the pastor lasted nine years and that the sexual abuse started when she was 15. The man speaks of “love and forgiveness” but asks for accountability.

“It was much more than adultery,” says the husband shortly before leaving among the hugs of some attendees.

At one point questions are heard from the pastor, who admitted having sexual relations with her when she was a minor. “He was wrong, I can’t fix it anymore,” he replies.

“You didn’t say she was 14 years old,” a woman yells at the pastor. “No, 16,” the pastor replies.



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