An immigrant dies while trying to scale the border fence in Texas

Texas, United States.

A mexican immigrant died while trying to climb the fence in the border between Mexico and the texas city of Brownsville (USA), informed the Customs and Border Protection Office of the USA (CBP).

The event that occurred last Friday, when agents of the Border Patrol assigned to the station Brownsville received a notice that a person it fell when trying to overcome the dividing barrier in the vicinity of the port of entry International Gateway.

Upon arriving at the site, uniformed they found on the ground a Mexican citizen with a major injury to a pierna, iCBP stated in a statement.

The immigrant was transferred to a medical Center nearby by emergency medical services, where he was subjected to two different surgeries to treat injuries sustained from the fall.

However, the man did not regain consciousness after the administration of anesthesia and remained hospitalized on critical condition.

That same day, the life support to the Mexican, who was not identified by the US immigration authorities, and was declared dead for him medical staff.

CBP does not clarify what the possible ctime of death And, as he was in their custody at the time of death, the Office of Professional Responsibility of this federal agency is reviewing the incident and the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS, in English) was also notified.

The US agency did not specify the height of the fence at that point on the border and I don’t know if it’s the old barriers or the ones that the former president had built Donald Trump during his term (2017-2021), much higher than the previous ones.

Since May 2020, with Trump still in power, there has been a relentless increase in the immigration detention on the border, especially since the arrival of the president, Joe Biden, a the White House last January.

This Friday, CBP released the figures for immigrant arrests on the border with Mexico last June, when 188,829 “encounters” were recorded between the undocumented and agents, the most in two decades and an increase of about 4.5% from May. EFE


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