An immediate care medical center wants to unclog the emergency room in Montauban

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After years of work, the medical center erected in the Mediatheque district, avenue du Père Leonid Chrol will soon open its doors. On its ground floor, an immediate care medical center is finishing preparations to receive patients. It will open on Wednesday June 1, with two nurses and two doctors in charge.

They are four, two nurses and two doctors, and want to become the relay between the general practitioners of the city and the hospital emergencies. Stéphane Ramon and Laure Meszoly, nurses, joined forces with Adeline Sourbes and Stéphanie Cordier, emergency physicians, to create a CMSI, for Immediate Care Medical Center.

Backed by CMSI France, a consulting company, the four caregivers embarked on this adventure for several reasons. “We have made an observation, tries to summarize Stéphane. There is a problem with the emergency room. These are overcrowded. As for general practitioners, they often need to do x-rays, sutures, casts quickly. We want be a technical solution for them and a way to unclog emergencies”.

For patients who need a quick response, immediate care, this can therefore be a good alternative so as not to have to wait hours in the emergency room. “Here, we will treat each patient in one hour”, estimates Stéphane based on the experience of other CMSIs, already well established and functional.

“Some patients no longer dare to go to the emergency room because of the waiting time”, underlines Laure Meszoly. “Our target is precisely patients who have minor emergencies, wounds, minor traumatology,” adds Stéphane. No vital emergency then.

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No competition with doctors, nurses or hospital emergencies

If a patient requires hospitalization, he will be redirected. “We have established links with the Pont de Chaume clinic, the Montauban hospital, where I worked in the emergency room, specifies Adeline Sourbes. We have a referent in each specialty in order to be able to contact them if a patient needs to be hospitalized”.

Nor is there any question of treating chronic illnesses, renewing prescriptions or becoming a general practitioner. “We’re not here for that,” they underline with one voice.

Several boxes are thus being finalized. Inside, brand new equipment: medicine cart, defibrillator, electrocardiogram. And above all, a radiology room, the possibility of taking biological samples and having them analyzed quickly thanks to a partnership with a laboratory. Cost of the investment financed by the 4 associates: 550,000 euros.

For the start, the center will open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., but the team is not already ruling out a ramp-up later with wider openings, especially at weekends. They hope to be able to receive 80 patients a day, with or without an appointment.

Final preparations before opening to the public on Wednesday June 1st.



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