An illustrated book takes us to know the history of radio broadcasting

An illustrated book takes us to know the history of radio broadcasting

“History of Broadcasting in Loja, Ecuador and the World” is an illustrated book authored by the renowned journalist from Loja, Víctor Ojeda Feijóo. After a lengthy investigation, yesterday, in an emotional act, was the official presentation of the text.

The book contains more than 400 pages and a series of black and white and color photographs.

He started writing its first pages in 2006, and now, after a few years, the proposal comes to light. The main objective is that the new generations know the exciting world of radio, the vicissitudes of that time to transmit the information to the audience; and, the advances of current technology.

Last year, in 2022, on the occasion of the International Festival of Living Arts of Loja (FIAVL), there was a socialization and pre-presentation of the text.

Víctor Ojeda, a communication professional, has a long journalistic career, his passion has always been radio.

In dialogue with Diario Crónica, he told how his career began, which today allows him to write and continue telling stories not only in local media, but also in national ones.

the beginning

He said that, when he was 7 years old, near his house —at Bolívar and Quito— there was the extinct radio station 18 de Noviembre, a station that he visited frequently.

There he had an approach with the equipment and carbon discs. Then he had his time on Radio Loja frequency AM, Centinela del Sur, among others. From that time this vocation was born.


The work has black and white photographs, which allow us to go back in time and remember that era, where, despite the lack of technology, information reached the audience with professionalism.

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Ojeda Feijóo indicated that in his text he reviews the beginning of the radio, likewise, he remembers characters such as Virginia Rodríguez Witt, founder of the first Coro Santa Cecilia radio station.

And a series of anecdotes: “the photographs we took of the matches, we sent to be developed in Cuenca, in the Viajero y Santa cooperative, because in Loja there were no studios for color photographs… Today it is very different.”


In the pages of “History of Broadcasting in Loja, Ecuador and the World”, it also narrates the evolution of broadcasting, virtual communication and the new generations that are involved in this exciting world. (YO)


The book, from next Monday, will be on sale in the main bookstores of Loja and the country.



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