An exceptional collection of Pokémon and Magic cards at auction in Troyes

by Interencheres

On June 15 in Troyes, the Boisseau-Pomez house will be auctioning off the exceptional collection of Pokémon and Magic cards of a passionate player for more than twenty years. The Japanese franchise, which turns twenty-five this year, is experiencing unprecedented enthusiasm in the market, attracting grown-ups as well as investors.

Now 33 years old, Maxime L. started his collection at the age of 11. Through exchanges across Europe with other players, he has assembled an exceptional set of Pokemon and Magic cards, including many early editions. His collection will be auctioned by Léonard Pomez on June 15 in Troyes and live on Interencheres, with a large number of shiny cards selection, also popular with players and collectors. The lots will be sold without a reserve price, at very attractive estimates. ” We are very proud to contribute to the development of the collectibles market of tomorrow. It is estimated that there are around 100,000 collectors in France alone for Magic and Pokemon cards, which are also traded all over the planet », Declares auctioneer Léonard Pomez, one of the pioneers of retrogaming sales.

A booming market

Fueled by the nostalgia of young people in their thirties eager to afford the toy of their childhood, the Pokémon card market is booming today. Influencers and YouTubers are part of a craze that is gradually gaining the whole world, some booster opening videos, a bag of ten cards bearing the likeness of a Pokémon, counting millions of views. This dynamic market has its own codes. It follows a scoring system given by PSA Trading Card Grading, a benchmark site that rates cards from 1 to 10 depending on their condition and defects related to manufacturing or handling. The rating of some Pokémon cards has increased tenfold in less than two years, so much so that the retrogaming market is now attracting investors.

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Mythical Pokémon and Magic cards

In the sale, there are mythical pieces in sets of the first edition, like a Charizard card, accompanied by a PSA 9 rating. Estimated between 2,500 and 3,000 euros, this card is one of the most sought after in the market. Only 158 copies published in French and 500 in the world, it sells for more than 10,000 euros. Fans can also treat themselves to a Plant-type Pokémon card, Florizarre, rated PSA 10 (1,200 – 1,500 euros), a Tortank card, the evolution of the Squirtle starter (500 – 600 euros) or a holographic card rated PSA 10 from the famous Mewtwo, Psychic-type Pokémon genetically modified by Team Rocket to become a weapon of destruction (1,200 – 1,500 euros). As for the Magic cards, which appeared in 1993, three before the Pokémon, an Ancestral Recall, the most powerful card in Magic, is estimated between 450 and 500 euros, while it easily exceeds 1000 euros on the market. The mythical Serendib Efreet, Arabian night edition, is estimated between 400 and 500 euros.

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