An excellent Armagnac from Lot-et-Garonne at the Agricultural Show

An excellent Armagnac from Lot-et-Garonne at the Agricultural Show

the essential At the Salon de l’Agriculture, Marielle Tardieu will introduce armagnac to all these stages: cocktail for an aperitif, flambé with prunes, or as a digestif with sugar, for example. The producer from Mézin has just received the prize for excellence in the agricultural competition.

The year 2023 could not have started better for Marielle Tadieu. The Mézinaise producer has just received the prize for excellence in the agricultural competition from the hands of the Minister of Agriculture, Marc Fresneau. A prize awarded for the second consecutive year but hand-delivered for the first time to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Award of Excellence

This prize is awarded to producers for the results they have obtained during the last three sessions of the Concours Général Agricole. To obtain this prize, you must have obtained the best ratio between medals and the number of samples presented and awarded in the competition. The producer insists on the work of a whole team. “What pride to obtain this prize which rewards the regularity over 3 years of the Concours Général Agricole. This prize is awarded to the farm, so we are all delighted to wear loud and clear the colors of the Ferme de Gagnet, Gascogne and Floc de Gascogne. This award reflects the hard work of an entire team and my daily concern for a job well done and the search for vinification adapted to the vintage. This is the 3rd Excellence Award of my career, it’s an extreme pleasure every time! »

Marielle has chosen to enter her productions each year in the general agricultural competition. “All you have to do is apply on the competition site, the show’s steering committee sends the list of selected flocs to the Floc de Gascogne interprofessional committee in Eauze. The technicians, like bailiffs, then come to take samples from my stocks, the samples are sealed and sent to Paris”. During the edition of the Salon de l’Agriculture, the selected flocks are tasted and judged by a commissioner and a jury of professionals and non-professionals. “Each flock is judged on its color but above all it must contain the essential criteria of an excellent Gascony flock, it must be young, fresh and fruity”.

An example of family transmission

Marielle Tadieu runs the Gagnet farm, a family business specializing in raising and cooking duck fat and in the production of floc de Gascogne and Armagnac. Daughter of breeders and producers, she inherited their know-how and their love of the land, the passion for the vine and the production of Floc. Today she wants to pass on this heritage to her son. “In the perspective that Guillaume, my son, joins forces with me in the near future and that he wants to continue in the family business, this award of excellence is also a booster and a particular motivation. This award sums up all the energy we deploy every day”. The flocs de Gascogne from Ferme de Gagnet have been awarded each year at the general agricultural competition at the Salon de l’Agriculture, gold medal 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2020 and 2022 for the red floc , gold medal 2018 for white floc, silver medal 2018 for armagnac VSOP and even bronze medal 2016 for foie gras. Regular medals and now an Excellence Award that reward the hard and passionate work of the Ferme de Gagnet.

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Marielle Tadieu will be on Sunday February 26 at the Salon de l’Agriculture, on the stand of the departmental council, to introduce Armagnac in all these states: cocktail for the aperitif, flambé with prunes, or as a digestive on a sugar by example.

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