But the promising crossover “3170” is definitely buried: the car has become outdated, and now it would be inferior to the new generation of Chinese crossovers. The classic “Patriot”, as far as you can understand, has reached the maximum of its development – any major updates will cost too much. For example, the technical director of UAZ, Mikhail Guryanov, mentioned that they had already tried to adapt the Ford diesel engine to it, the production of which for Ford Transit vans was launched at the Sollers plant in Yelabuga. But a number of changes were required, the main one of which was a new oil pan. “We are faced with the fact that the front axle makes the layout very difficult. It would be much easier with an independent suspension, ”explains Guryanov.

And whichever way the plant ultimately goes, I would like to hope that it will stay afloat and continue to produce SUVs – after all, in our country there are so many places where it is literally impossible to survive without such equipment.

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