An Egyptian health expert reassures diabetics about the “black fungus”

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Egyptian health worker

Wajida Anwar, a member of the Supreme Committee for Viruses at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt, reassured diabetic patients about infection with the “black fungus” disease, revealing the relationship of the Corona virus to this disease.

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Presidential warnings to Egyptians against the black fungus

Wajida Anwar, professor of public health, said in her interview with the “8 Al-Sabah” program: “As for the percentages of diabetics who are exposed to black fungus in Egypt, it is a percentage that does not exist at all in Egypt,” noting that “she does not think that diabetics who receive insulin susceptible to infection with this disease, as for the Corona virus, it increases the severity of diabetes.”

She explained, “People who have diabetes and have been infected with the Corona virus, their sugar level increases.”

Wagida Anwar pointed out that “Egypt has great health capabilities from hospitals, doctors, the private sector, the public sector and universities, and there was no interconnection between them, and that matters should have been organized, and therefore the comprehensive health insurance law organized the health service,” explaining that “the health system must It is able to face epidemics and any health problems, through technical staff, isolation hospitals, intensive care and primary care, which reduces the cost and may make the patient avoid the treatment journey in the intensive care rooms, and that the new health insurance system applies a system for primary care, referral system and service provision Health care for citizens is of high quality and without the citizen bearing a financial burden.

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