An attempt to deceive time: bloated Babkina was ridiculed for an absurd appearance

The creator of the Russian Song ensemble turned 72 this year. She continues to work actively, and any young performer can envy Babkina’s energy. The only thing that Nadezhda Georgievna scares the fans with is an increasingly changing face.

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For more than a year now, the Cossack Nadia’s addiction to plastic surgery and cosmetology has been discussed on the Web. Obviously, not only mother nature helps her to stay without wrinkles at such a respectable age. According to fans, the passion for “beauty injections” makes the artist “bloated”, there is no question of any naturalness.

Many believe that Babkina ruthlessly reshapes her face also because of the desire to please her young husband, Yevgeny Gor. For this, the star has been hit by haters more than once. Psychologist-constellation Yulia Khadartseva exhaustively answered such guesses.

According to the expert, the desire of a celebrity to look good is quite justified, because to this day she continues to actively perform. Not without the influence of the still young and flourishing Yevgeny Gor, and Babkina’s age does not imply rejuvenation with the help of makeup alone. Khadartseva urges not to condemn the artist for her style and attempts to achieve the perfect reflection in the mirror.

“When a woman at the age of 70 dresses up in youth clothes, it may look ridiculous. But on the other hand, we live in an era of individualism, when personal comfort is the main criterion for happiness,” said the psychologist.

The expert noted that although Nadezhda Georgievna has changed, she still looks harmonious, and most importantly, she feels great. Artificial youth gives her energy and gives her the strength to live and work, which means that she should be an example.

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Note that Babkina carefully monitors not only the freshness of the face, but also the beauty of the figure. For many years, the singer has been practicing intermittent fasting and trying to eat right.


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