An Astris kick-stage to expand Ariane 6’s possibilities

In order to give even more flexibility to its future Ariane 6 launcher, the European Space Agency (ESA) will add a ” real additional floor »Baptized Astris with a re-ignitable Berta engine. It will allow satellites to be placed in different orbits, “push” them in the right direction, and so on.

The first flight of Ariane 6 is not expected to take place with the second quarter of 2022, that is to say a little less than a year to wait for Europe to have its new rocket. As a reminder, it is not reusable, but allows to significantly reduce the costs of launches.

ArianeGroup also defends its launcher, which it presents as ” the swiss army knife we ​​need “. A tool obviously not sufficiently multifunction since the ESA is already preparing a new optional module for the rocket. Called Astris, it will interface directly with the payload. ” This will allow Ariane 6 to offer a range of new space transport services by enabling complex orbital transfers. », Explains the Agency.

Up to four stages for Ariane 6


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