An annoying feature for users .. new leaks about the iPhone 13 – Technology

News reports revealed new leaks about the upcoming Apple phone for this year, the iPhone 13.

The leaks confirmed that the iPhone 13 will contain a larger battery than all previous versions of this phone, with a capacity of about 3095 mAh, compared to the iPhone 12, which had a capacity of 2815, meaning that the increase amounted to 18%.

The higher the battery capacity in mAh, the longer the battery capacity or battery life, which means that owners of this type of phone will have fewer problems. But that will make the phones thicker than before, according to the American “Forbes” website, which may upset some users.

It is also expected that Apple will unveil multiple versions of the iPhone 13, such as the “iPhone 13 mini” and “iPhone 13 Pro”, and the batteries of these phones will also be larger than their previous counterparts.

This is not the first time that there is talk of an increase in the size and capacity of the battery, but it is the first time that specific numbers have been talked about.

The American company Apple is used to revealing its latest phones and devices during an annual conference held in September, but last year the iPhone 12 was delayed until October, due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.