An American defeat against China .. The password is “giant cannon”

The US Navy recently announced the suspension of research and development of the EMRG electromagnetic gun, which was widely promoted at the end of 2020.

According to the US Navy, the decision to stop the program was in line with administration-wide reform initiatives to support other Navy priorities, including improving offensive and defensive capabilities such as directed energy, hypersonic missiles and electronic warfare systems.

With the decline in funding requests for the giant cannon to $9.5 million in fiscal year 2021, down about $15 million from funding in fiscal year 2020 and about $28 million in fiscal year 2019, indicators tended to the failure of the project.

Despite the successful testing of the electromagnetic gun in 2017, experts indicated that it was clearly heading towards the end of research and development, as the promising technology is still stuck in the research phase due to lack of resources or some other challenges.

Chinese supremacy

Experts point out that this failure does not mark the end of the searches that have been suspended temporarily, but it does mean that the United States has officially lost the arms race with the giant electromagnetic gun to China.

According to a US intelligence assessment published by CNBC News earlier, China plans to deploy its own secret version of the electromagnetic cannon on its naval ships as early as 2025, and possibly earlier.

US intelligence says that the Chinese gun, which uses a huge amount of energy to create electromagnetic fields to accelerate projectiles to supersonic speeds, is capable of “hitting a target 124 miles away at a speed of up to 1.6 miles per second”, which is fast enough to hit Philadelphia from New York in less than min.

The intelligence report stated that the Chinese giant gun was first developed in 2011, then tested in 2014, and over the next three years the gun was calibrated for extended operational ranges.

The US intelligence assessment confirms that the Chinese giant cannon was first installed on a naval ship to conduct experiments at sea, before the Chinese army announced that.

In February 2018, photos of the cannon were circulated through social media, as it appeared installed on the bow of a Chinese landing ship, and a month later a news agency run by the Chinese army confirmed that the navy had made a “breakthrough” during sea trials of the new electromagnetic cannon.


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