Among them is Pyramids.. Al-Ahly may request to postpone two matches in the league

Al-Ahly club may make its first requests to the Competitions Committee of the Association of Clubs headed by Amer Hussein, to postpone two matches in the General League competition, if the date of the African Super match is settled.

was El-Ahly.comIt was learned that CAF contacted Al-Ahly to suggest possible dates for holding the Super match against Moroccan Raja, while Al-Ahly responded that next December 23 is the most appropriate date to play the match, with the possibility of presenting it or delaying it by 24 hours.

The tentative date of the African Super

WordPress for El-Ahly.comIn the event that the Confederation of African Football adopts the date of December 23 as the date for the establishment of the Continental Super, Al-Ahly will request to postpone its matches against Future and Pyramids.

According to what came to El-Ahly.comAl-Ahly will submit this request due to the impossibility of playing the two meetings alongside the African Super match, as the Committee for Competitions in the Association of Clubs has previously set the date for the Red Genie matches against Future and Pyramids on December 21 and 25.

The Confederation of African Football is expected to study the dates proposed by Al-Ahly and Al-Rajaa, to determine the deadline for the Super Cup, and accordingly it will notify the two teams during the coming period.

It is noteworthy that Raja is playing the African Super match as the champion of the last edition of the Confederation Cup, while Al-Ahly participates as the holder of the African Champions League title, and is the champion of the last edition of the Continental Super at the expense of the Moroccan Berkane Renaissance.



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