Amnesty International investigates genocide: Vladimir Putin “hates” Ukrainians

The Russian army is waging a war of aggression in Ukraine. She is accused of murder and torture. A human rights organization is now collecting evidence to clarify whether it is a acts of genocide.

According to the Secretary General of the human rights organization Amnesty International, the Russian leadership around President Vladimir Putin has “hatred” against all Ukrainians.

“There are statements, comments and appearances by Putin and other Russian leaders that show how they ignore and hate the Ukrainian people, in which they talk as if Ukraine does not exist,” Agnes Callamard said on Ukrainian television. “And it is precisely these statements that we will use as part of the evidence when we discuss the issue of genocide.”

The violence used in this war was due to the systems thinking created by the leadership. “Violence becomes the main mode of action, it is tolerated and sometimes even glorified… There is no control and this creates the conditions for violent behavior, there is a regime of impunity…” Callamard was quoted as saying by the Unian agency.



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