AMLO's morning today, May 9: morning conference begins

AMLO's morning today, May 9: morning conference begins


Follow the minute by minute of President López Obrador’s morning conference today.

AMLO offers his morning press conference this May 9, 2023.Credits: Special.

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador(AMLO) offers his morning press conference from the National Palace, where he will talk about the COVID-19 scenario in Mexico.

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AMLO’s morning ends today

President López Obrador concludes with his daily morning conference.

AMLO responds to the Court: he will always send reform to the judiciary

The federal president announced that prior to concluding his administration he will send a reform to the judiciary so that the ministers are elected by popular vote.

Although it had been mentioned, said initiative was ruled out by the Executive; however, he mentioned that he “realized” that it is necessary.

“I already realized that it is necessary. (…) before I finish I am going to send, at least, three reforms so far -but other social ones are coming- that of the judiciary so that the people elect the ministers, as The constitution established it in the time of Juárez, that the ministers were chosen by the people,” he specified.

AMLO vs. Court: “judicial power is rotten and has no remedy”

After the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) declared invalid the first part of the electoral reform plan BPresident AMLO said that plan C is already “cooking” and described the judiciary as rotten.

“Here comes plan C. The judiciary has no remedy, it is rotten, they are acting in a factious manner. Imagine putting the legislature to the ground,” he reproached.

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Start the morning today by AMLO

President López Obrador begins with his daily morning press conference.

“(We are going to) make known the decision made by the doctors and specialists in relation to the declaration of end of the COVID pandemicnow they are going to expose them about that,” said the federal president.

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