AMLO rests in Chiapas prior to his Fifth Government Report

AMLO rests in Chiapas prior to his Fifth Government Report

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador arrived this Thursday in Palenque, to rest on his farm and tomorrow, Friday, he will leave for campechewhere he will render his Quinto Igovernment report.

the federal president arrived at approximately 4:05 p.m. at his residence located in the suburbs of Palenqueaboard a black van, where he was approached by supporters and teachers from Technical Secondary School number 18, who asked for help so that they are not dispossessed of the 40-hectare property where the educational institution is currently located.

The president refrained from giving information
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What topics will be covered in the government report?

The head of the federal executive pointed out that tomorrow he will inform Mexicans about progress in works such as the Mayan Train, which begins in Chiapas and ends throughout the Riviera. He also said that reports will be given on the works of the interoceanic corridor and many other works that are underway during his government.

About the Dos Bocas Refineryexplained that made a tour to verify the state of the work, but he refrained from giving information about it under the argument that this Friday will be the day to render accounts to the Mexicans.

AMLO will have a meeting with the governor of Chiapas

The president arrives accompanied by a delegation that will also make the trip to the city of Campeche by air, supposedly from the Villahermosa airport.

This afternoon, the president is expected to also meet with the governor of Chiapas, Rutilio Escandón Cadenasto touch on points on the agenda of the Mexican southeast, which will be behind closed doors and privately.

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Where will the Fifth Government Report be?

The Fifth Government Report will take place at the facilities of the Campeche XXI Convention Center where some restrictions and controlled number of guests are expected as detailed by the state governor. It will be at 10 o’clock in the morning when members of the federal cabinet, special guests and the media meet at this venue.

Later the president and a delegation They will move to the peripheral of the city where the Mayan train station belonging to section 3 is located. The SF Campeche station in which work has been done to conclude works that allow easy access for cars to the parking lot, this being an area without urbanization.

From the early hours of Thursday, paving works could be observed for what will be part of the parking lot of said station that will receive the governors of the states of the Yucatan peninsula and the federal president.

AMLO’s tour of Campeche

As part of the tour in which the president will be accompanied by the governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores San Román, the governor of Yucatan Mauricio Vila Dosal and the governor Mara Lezama, the possibility of having a supervision stop in the municipality of Hecelchakán, approximately 63 kilometers from the city of Campeche, has been raised. This to later continue its journey to the Teya station, Yucatán.

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