AMLO does not rule out an agreement with the PRI to achieve a qualified majority in San Lázaro

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recognized in his conference morning of this tuesday that despite the fact that his party Brunette and allies obtained a simple majority in the Chamber of Deputies to reach a qualified majority, they will need to reach an agreement with the PRI or any other party; “But it doesn’t take many.”

“Now we go to Congress, in this case, the Chamber of Deputies (we have) a qualified majority. This is what happened in the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies.

“This is how the PRE data is; Morena, of the 300 districts of the country wins 121; the Labor Party, which is in alliance with Morena, 32; and the Green Party, which is in alliance with Morena, 31. So, if we add this, 184, out of a 300 majority.

“What does it mean? That with Morena, the PT a part of the Verde, not all, has a majority, 50 plus one, I say ‘simple majority’, because I do not like ‘the absolute majority’.

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“Well, if you wanted to have a qualified majority, which is two-thirds, you could reach an agreement by a part of legislators from the PRI or any other party, but not many are needed for constitutional reform,” he said.

López Obrador pointed out that for the approval of the budget, all that is required is 50% plus one of the votes in San Lázaro, “which is what matters to us.”



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