Dhe end is in sight, but not yet reached. The working relationship between Eintracht and Amin Younes is about to end. There will be no happy ending. The club does not put any obstacles in the way of the little midfielder with the great technical sensitivity in his feet and lets him pull him.

Where? That is still open. Sports director Markus Krösche announced on Wednesday that he and trainer Oliver Glasner will sit down with the professional to find a way out of the tricky situation that none of the participants is comfortable with.

Younes wants to leave, has messed with almost every one of his colleagues internally and there is no one of rank and name on the club side who would like to make him rethink. What exactly broke up in the liaison between the 28-year-old native of Düsseldorf and the Frankfurters that it has to be considered irreparable, only those people directly involved in the dispute know. But they are silent.

Just a rhetorical gem

It is certain that there was a dispute between Younes and the then coach Adi Hütter around the guest appearance of the Hessians in Dortmund at the beginning of April (which they won 2-1 and thus supposedly seemed to have set course for the Champions League), who had intervened in a dispute between the German-Lebanese and Filip Kostic in the locker room. Many words are said to have been uttered that had lasting damage to the internal climate – and then things took their course.


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