Americans appreciated negotiations with Russia and called to forget about Ukraine

Readers of the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal appreciated the telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his colleague Joe Biden. They said that if Washington does not show restraint, then the Ukrainian crisis could cost the whole world dearly.

Some recalled that relations between the United States and Russia had seen different times – there were both “thaws” and the cold war. One commentator noted that Washington would react in the same way as Moscow if Russian weapons were stationed near American borders. His opponent recalled the Cold War slogan: “Better to be red than dead!”

Another reader noted that a country whose national debt has reached 30 trillion should not interfere in the affairs of other states, it is better to focus on its own problems and “stop being the policeman of the world.”

Users noted that the telephone conversation between Putin and Biden was the beginning of a series of meetings between negotiators and groups. For now, you can relax and not expect immediate results.

The readers stressed that the situation with Ukraine is an exclusively European problem. The United States should not provoke Russia, the issue will be resolved in due time and without Washington’s participation.

“You know how they often quote“ Frozen, ”“ let go and forget. ”Just let go of Ukraine, it doesn’t mean anything to the people of America, but it means a lot to Joe and his henchmen in the Pentagon. Just let go and forget! you can’t squeeze out the water, “one of the commentators summed up.

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