American scientists have learned how to prevent the development of dementia

December 31, 2021 10:56 am


Scientists at Duke University in the United States have found that playing music can help reduce the risk of neuropathologies in the aging brain. This was reported in the material of the publication. Brain Sciences.

As experts have found, learning foreign languages ​​will also help prevent the development of dementia.

Experts conducted research using diffusion tensor imaging. This approach provides information about the connections between different parts of the brain and the integrity of pathways, such as bundles of nerve fibers.

The scientific work clarified that normal aging leads to a decrease in the integrity of the white matter. Nevertheless, complex sensorimotor activities, in particular, musical hobbies or foreign languages, will delay the aging process of the brain.

American neuroscientists conducted brain scans of eight musicians aged 20-67. The participants were placed in an MRI machine, and the scientists calculated the values ​​of fractional anisotropy (FA). It turned out that the assumptions of scientists were confirmed and the indicators of people who practice music for about three hours a day differed from the usual values.

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