American climber dies on Mount Everest

American climber dies on Mount Everest

A mountaineer from the USA has died while climbing the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. The 69-year-old Jonathan Sugarman died at the second high camp, a spokesman for the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism said in the capital Kathmandu on Tuesday. Sugarman was one of hundreds of climbers currently preparing for the summit trek at the various high altitude camps on Mount Everest. He is the fourth death on Everest in the current spring season.

FILE - Tents are set up for climbers on the Khumbu Glacier, with Mount Khumbutse, center, and Khumbu Icefall, right, seen in background, at Everest Base Camp in Nepal on April 11, 2015. As glaciers me ...

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The spring season begins in April and ends in June, when there are the best year-round “weather windows” for climbing. Earlier this season, three Sherpas died on Everest. A total of 466 mountaineers received a $11,000 (€10,000) permit to climb Everest, the Ministry of Tourism said. That is the highest number of permits ever issued in one season for the 8,848 meter high mountain.

In 2019, when traffic jams in Mount Everest’s so-called death zone made headlines, the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism had issued 381 permits. In the death zone at over 8000 meters, the human body breaks down and cannot recover. (sda/dpa)

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Shock under the peak – mountaineers find body on Mount Everest

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