We present you the panorama of the favorites to advance to the semifinals of the Apertura 2021

America, Lion, Tigers and Monterrey will be the semifinalists of Opening 2021, according to the predictions of the FiveThirtyEight, in which it stands out that the key between Águilas and Pumas It is the most uneven, with an inclination to azulcremas; while Monterrey he will be the only winner in the quarterfinals to come from playing the playoffs.

It is the most uneven duel in terms of positions in the general table of the Opening 2021 and so do the predictions of the FiveThirtyEigth, with a 73 percent chance for the America, by 27 percent for Pumas.

The Eagles are in the quarterfinals after they finished in the first position with 35 units, 14 more than the UNAM team that finished in eleventh place that also had to pass over Toluca in the playoffs to place among the eight finalists of the contest.

Although the key will face second place against ninth, FiveThirtyEigth puts as a favorite, with just 51 percent, to Monterrey upon Atlas, to which he gives 49 percent in what makes it the most even duel of the predictions.

A difference of seven units separated the Guadalajara from the Regios in the general table. The foxes, in the second position with 29 points, will face rayados who collected 22 and who passed over Cruz Azul in the repechage duel.

The emeralds march as wide favorites in the quarter-final bracket against those of the fringe. Lion has a 67 percent chance of becoming one of the semifinalists of the Opening 2021, for the 33 percent that it has Puebla.

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The camoteros reach the prelude to the semifinal after beating Chivas on penalties in the repechare, as they finished in seventh position with 24 points, for the 29 that the Guanajuato team reaped in the third step.

By position in the table, it is the most even duel of the quarterfinals of the Opening 2021. Nevertheless, FiveThirtyEigth gives 59 percent chance to Tigers by 41 percent for Santos.

Those from the Shire arrive after beating Atlético de San Luis without setbacks in the repechage series, after they came in fifth place with 24 points, one behind those from Nuevo León who collected 28 points.


America vs. Monterrey

Leon vs. Tigers


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