AMD processors can lose a lot of performance under Windows 11. The manufacturer recommends waiting with the update.

the essentials in brief

  • Anyone using an AMD processor with Windows 11 must expect difficulties.
  • The chip manufacturer confirms that performance losses of up to 15 percent are possible.
  • The company is already working on a solution.

The AMD Ryzen processors are not yet fully compatible with Windows 11. AMD has now confirmed what various testers had already determined: There can be a performance loss of up to 15 percent.

According to the chip manufacturer, there are problems especially with CPUs with eight or more cores and over 65 watts of power. Windows 11 then doesn’t know which core is the fastest and sometimes chooses a slower one. The worst hit are AAA games, where latency and performance could be significantly reduced.

However, AMD and Windows are already working on a solution. A corresponding update should appear before the end of the month. Until then, the recommendation is: Just use Windows 10 a little longer.

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