AMD Phoenix-APU’s iGPU equals slowest mobile RTX 3060′

AMD recently confirmed that the Zen 4-based Dragon Range and Phoenix APUs will be available in laptops early next year. According to Greymon55, the latter’s igpu should be able to match the 60W laptop variant of the RTX 3060. This is the most economical available version of this Nvidia GPU, given the adjustable TDP from 60 to 115 watts.

A comparison with TechPowerUp’s database shows that the upcoming RDNA 3 igpu would be positioned between the RX 6500 XT and RX 6600 in terms of performance. As far as Nvidia’s desktop cards go, the Phoenix chip should be able to outperform the RTX 3050 and come close to the GTX 1070 Ti and the RTX 2060.

The average performance level of the mobile RTX 3060 (60 W) in 1080p, compared to the adjacent desktop cards.

While no exact specifications have been disclosed, the Twitterer has added that this strong igpu is probably only intended for the more economical Phoenix series. Dragon Range is aimed at strong gaming laptops, where a discrete GPU is used and there is therefore no need for such an integrated solution.

Greymon55 (Twitter)TechPowerUp

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