AMD is thinking about releasing Socket AM4 processors with Zen 4 architecture

And with support for DDR4 memory.

One of the active predictors of technical trends – Greymon55whose activity as the summer season enters will increasingly stick out due to a decrease in the flow of news from serious sources, citing one of AMD’s product sellers, said that the company is considering creating Socket AM4 processors with Zen 4 architecture that could work in older motherboards with DDR4 memory.

Image Source: AMD

It is difficult to judge how relevant this is from a marketing point of view, but it is important to recall that Socket AM5 Ryzen 7000 processors will be released this fall (in mid-September, according to the latest data) and will offer support not only for DDR5, but also for PCI Express 5.0.


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Whether AMD will be able to “transplant” new chiplets with computing cores onto a substrate for Socket AM4 is an open question, and the very expediency of such a step seems doubtful. The company has done a lot to keep the Socket AM4 platform viable, but now is the time to let it go.

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