Yesterday, during its celebration of the 5 years of RYZEN, AMD made some confidences on the future products coming to the reds.

We are therefore starting with the processors that will arrive in early 2022, probably with an announcement in January during the CES, namely the RYZEN 3D V-Cache. No details have been given for the moment on the characteristics of these newcomers, we just know that we will have the right to 64 MB of memory more cached by CCD. You can take a technology refresh here: AMD gives more details on 3D V-Cache technology. As a reminder, 3D V-Cache must allow a gain of 15% in games.


Other information about these RYZEN 3D V-Cache, they will be compatible with the current AM4 platform and therefore motherboards in 500 series chipset. Moreover, the RYZEN 3D V-Cache will most likely be the latest AM4 processors.

amd confirmation processor ryzen 3d-v-cache ryzen-7000-zen-4

Now let’s move on to ZEN 4, the next iteration of ZEN which will normally be engraved in 5 nm by TSMC. The latter is expected for the end of 2022 and will therefore be in AM5. Good news, AMD already says that the coolers and AIO in AM4 will be compatible with AM5 platforms. Platforms that will be in DDR5 and that will have the support of PCI Express 5.0.

In short, there will be serious AMD news in 2022.

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