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dr Bernhard Krahl tells in “Schlagseite” about his way into his second life

am 30.05.22

Dr. Bernhard Krahl, Photo: Ambulanticum GmbH

Ambulanticum founder and managing director Dr. Bernhard Krahl has published his first book. In his autobiography “Schlagseite”, the 75-year-old talks about his life – from his childhood and youth in Hagen to his strokes and the way back to a self-determined everyday life to the 10th birthday of the Ambulanticum therapy center. The autobiography can now be ordered online. On the website there is not only further information and excerpts from the book, but also an order form.

In 70 chapters and on 247 pages, the readers of this encouraging biography learn a lot about the trained freight forwarding clerk, graduate business economist and doctor of dentistry Bernhard Krahl, who in 2007 was almost killed by two strokes. Today’s Ambulanticum managing director defies the devastating diagnosis of “necessary care for life” with his irrepressible will and the support of his relatives. Modern treatment methods are helping him get back on his feet – with a list, to be sure. But also with an irrepressible zest for action. Despite many adversities, this also led to the founding of the Ambulanticum. The therapy center is now a recognized outpatient facility for patients with neuronal impairments.

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