Amber Heard on hate at Depp trial: ‘Burn the witch’ – folks

Amber Heard (36) breaks her silence.

In her first exclusive interview after the spectacular mud fight process against her ex-husband Johnny Depp (59), the actress sticks to her statements: Depp physically and mentally abused her.

“Until the day I die, I will stand by every word of what I said,” Heard told journalist Savannah Guthrie (50) from the “Today Show” on US TV.

Amber Heard in conversation with journalist Savannah GuthriePhoto: AP

Even if the jury in the US state saw it differently, had largely sided with Depp in early June and ordered Heard to pay more than $ 10 million in damages to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star.

Amber Heard said the verdict was still surreal and difficult for her to understand. You have only partially digested it so far.

According to Amber Heard, the majority of this process took place on social media. In her opinion, this is also the main reason for the jury’s verdict. Depp’s legal team was no better, but very successful in distracting the jury from the big picture.

Asked by Guthrie if she thinks the jury saw all the negative reactions against her on social media, Heard explains, “How could they not? I think even the most cautious juror would have been impossible to avoid.”

Johnny Depp drives past fans during the last trial - outside the courthouse and on the net Depp was celebrated by his fans - and Heard was slapped

Johnny Depp drove past fans waving during the past trial. In front of the courthouse and online, he was celebrated by his fans – and Amber Heard was slappedFoto: Craig Hudson/AP

As her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft explained in an interview a week ago, the main problem was that very important evidence against Depp was not admitted in court. However, the actress did not explain what the evidence was exactly.

Above all, the extreme fan support that Depp received, unlike her, bothered her.

“Every day I would walk by three, four, sometimes six blocks — city blocks lined with people holding signs that said ‘burn the witch,’ ‘death to Amber.’ Then, after three and a half weeks, I was on the stand and I saw a courtroom full of Captain Jack Sparrow fans, loud and energetic,” said Amber Heard.

“It was the most humiliating and terrifying thing I’ve ever been through. I have never felt more removed from my own humanity. I felt like a person who was worth less.”

And self-criticism? It comes through a little every now and then: In the relationship, both would have made mistakes and behaved horribly towards each other. The couple lived in a state of constant violence. BUT: She called Depp’s statement that he never hit Heard a lie.

Further, cautious self-criticism: Amber can understand that many people would not feel any sympathy for either of the two: “I would not blame the average person if they look at this and think, these are ‘Hollywood brats at their worst’ “.

Amber has already announced that she will appeal the court decision.

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