Amber Heard calls for Johnny Depp libel trial verdict to be overturned

The lawyers of the actress Amber Heard requested the annulment of the verdict of the trial against her, for which he must pay 10 million 350 thousand dollars for having defamed his exepsoso Johnny Depp, due to the accusations of abuse that he published in a 2018 article in the newspaper The Whashington Post.

In a 43-page memorandum, the interpreter’s defense states that the guilty verdict and the economic amount of the sanction must be annulled, as it is not supported by evidence.

In the document presented by the defense last Friday, Heard argues that it is false that Depp lost his job in the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, as a result of the remarks made.

In addition, he considers that the amount of the sanction is excessivesince the jury found that both she and her ex-husband had engaged in mutual defamation.

In response, the actor’s attorney, Ben Chew, noted that the appeal for annulment filed by Heard was expected.

The actress also challenged one of the members of the jury, specifically number 15, since reported being born in 1945, when he was born in 1970, which means that your identity was not properly verified.

On June 24, Judge Penney Azcarate made official the amount of compensation that Heard must pay, after lawyers for both parties did not reach an agreement to lower the amount.

During a hearing held in the Fairfax County Circuit Court, the judge also made official the payment of two million dollars from the actor to Heard, as a result of your counterclaim.

Originally, the judge ordered that the actress should compensate the 58-year-old actor with 10 million dollars for the reputational damage caused, in addition to another five million dollars as a fine. However, the judge reduced the fine to $350,000.

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Amber Heard announced that she will appeal the court decision. However, at the hearing, Azcarate made it clear that she was still the 36-year-old interpreter must pay a bond for the 10.35 million dollars, while the appeal is resolved.

The amounts that both Depp and Heard must pay are subject to 6 percent annual interest, according to the judge’s order.

On June 1, the jury determined that both Depp and Heard had been the targets of smears, thus ending a six-week trial that made world news.

Johnny Depp’s defense had hinted at the beginning of June that he could forgive the amount of 10 million dollars to Heard, because the lawsuit was not about money, but about restoring the actor’s reputation, which was achieved.

For her part, the defender of the actress, Elaine Bredehof, pointed out that Heard does not have the financial resources to face the millionaire amount and criticized the media coverage of the trial. According to journalistic versions, the interpreter will write a book about her judicial experience, in order to raise money to pay compensation and the fine.



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