Amazon's (almost) magical product to clean ceramic hobs sustainably

It’s called white cleaning stone, and it’s a great product that has been in the homes of our mothers and grandmothers for years, but now it seems that it has become fashionable again for two reasons: it is biodegradable and therefore more sustainable and ecological, and it is off-road. A single product capable of cleaning different surfaces is just what we need to save in the shopping cart and to avoid having dozens of cleaning products at home.

Although we have already told you tricks to clean the ceramic hob in a very simple way, white stone is one of those cleaning products with which you will not need much more, a bit like cleaning vinegar. The white stone leaves the iron wonderful, it cleans tiles, glass and metals. The sinks, the shower, the sink, the extractor hood, the ceramic hob, the gas and even the countertop They look great with their use, because it is an all-round product in the shopping cart. The white sneakers are also scandalous with the white stone, and the jewels, trophies and larger products such as garden furniture and even swimming pools.

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Amazon’s white cleansing stone

The white cleansing stone is a clay and therefore, it is a natural and biodegradable product that, thanks to its composition, is capable of degreasing, polishing and creating a waterproof effect that is very useful for washable surfaces that are often wet. As it is a product that does not expire and does not dry out, we can have it as the bottom of our cleaning cupboard, although when you discover its effects, you will surely like to use it for almost everything, because it seems to clean by magic.

How to use the white cleaning stone

The way to use the white cleaning stone is to moisten the sponge that will come in the bottle (or if it does not come, a damp cloth), take some clay and rub it on the surface to be cleaned, in this case the ceramic hob. Then we rinse with a clean, damp cloth and we have the glass ceramic clean, effortlessly and sustainably.

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white cleaning stoneAmazon

You have it from different brands, although the one that has given me very good results is the so-called “Fantastic white stone”, the best seller on Amazon, which has a price of 16,90 euros for a 600 gram bottle that we assure you will spread a lot.



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