The American giant Amazon announced on Tuesday a new offensive in online food distribution in the United Kingdom, in order to reach more customers and surf the rapid development of the sector since containment.

Amazon explains in a press release that it now offers its food delivery offer free of charge, for orders over 40 pounds, to its subscribers who have already subscribed to its ‘Prime’ services.

To access the Amazon food distribution service, however, customers in the UK must pay a monthly subscription of £ 3.99.

The group will initially focus on London and the south-east of the country, but expects to reach millions of other customers by the end of the year.

Driven by confinement

This initiative confirms Amazon’s focus on its ‘Prime’ service, which offers one-day delivery for purchases on its site, as well as a video and audio streaming offer.

Accelerating in the food sector should also allow the American group to take advantage of the British enthusiasm for online shopping, a trend reinforced by confinement.

Amazon will face strong competition from players who have invested heavily recently to fulfill online orders and welcome new customers, whether it is the online food specialist Ocado, or the supermarket giant. Tesco.

Sales were ‘particularly good’ following the lockdown, notes Russell Jones, UK food distribution manager for Amazon.

‘Food delivery is one of the fastest growing activities at Amazon’, he adds, even as the American giant communicates very little on its financial performance or its number of subscribers in the United Kingdom.