Amazon Prime Day 2022: offers also on returns and used with Warehouse

Two dates to mark on the calendar: that ofJuly 8when the first offers of Amazon Warehouseand that of July 12. From 8 July to 11 July, in fact, we will have the so-called offers of Lead Upwith one 10% off% on a selection of products premium, i.e. in the medium-high price range where 10% represents a decidedly substantial saving. On the days of 12 and 13 July, however, we will have a 20% discount on one different selection of products, of lower price.

Amazon Warehouse the initiative of the well-known e-commerce to give new life to returned products, avoiding waste and offering value to customers. Amazon Warehouse, in fact, offers used or open-packaged products in excellent condition, at a discounted price, with a legal guarantee and Amazon’s return service. Normally with Amazon Warehouse, therefore, you can make gods real business!

As usual when it comes to Warehouse, only one example per type of product on offer, so you have to hurry and anticipate the others to grab what you want to buy. To do this you need to check the Amazon Warehouse offers page.

So, it works like this: you go to the Amazon section relating to products Warehouse subject to promotion, you search for what you want or click on the menu on the left, put it in the cart and the 10% discount is applied. Caution: many are single articlesunique, which is why we recommend searching by category, putting what you want in the cart and proceeding with what interests you.

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place on 12 and 13 July when the well-known e-commerce will welcome a selection of offers on all products with very advantageous prices, guaranteed as the best in 2022 for many cases. More brands will also participate in this year’s wave of discounts: keep following us to find out which products will go on sale!

Here all today’s offers on Amazon



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