A few days after starting August Amazon Prime already has ready the titles of the premieres that you can see in its catalog.

Although we are quarantined the streaming platforms They have not stopped working, all with the aim of entertaining users and enjoying their respective catalogs.

Slowly Amazon Prime It has positioned itself as one of the preferred platforms to watch series and movies because it not only has new projects but also old programs that have not gone out of style.

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Right away enlistamos per day the premieres that you can enjoy:

Amazon Prime starts the first day with the series 24, for day two you will see True Story With; the Serie Bandish Bandits will be available by day 3.

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For him day 7 there will be several premieres among them: Arkansas, Pan and Circus, Stumptown, Boyz in the Wood, Two plus two, El Futbol o Yo, Gilda, Hilo Rojo, I married a jerkThose who love. They hate, the 80s.

One of the series that viewers liked the most and now you can enjoy again and again is Malcolm in the Middle, which opens on the 14th with Dark Waters.

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On August 16 it will be available Backseat Driver, Rewind: Inside The Boys will also be released on the 18th.

If you are a fan of the Kardiashian Jenner clan you will not be able to get lost from the 20th Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project.

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Almost at the end of the month they will be available:

Agosto 21: My Chemical Hearts

Agosto 27: My Spy

August 28: Escape Pact

Agosto 29: The Meg

To end the day 31, you will have two series that you can not miss the first Son of Soil: Jaipur Pink Panther and also: All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspurs.

You can now write down in your calendar the content of your preference Starting today, make popcorn and soda.

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