While Black Friday at Amazon started four days ago, the offers are coming back again on Wednesday. Faced with the American cyber-merchant, the French players Fnac, Darty and Cdiscount are fighting. AliExpress is also in the race for reductions. Here is our large selection updated with the must-haves.

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For this edition of Black Friday, Amazon, Cdiscount and the other players have decided to spread their offers throughout the month of November. Since Monday, we have seen an acceleration in the quality and quantity of reductions. You have to be on top of things because the breaks are just as fast. The above list is kept up to date to help you with your Christmas shopping at all times.

Un Black Friday extra via Amazon

During this Black Friday, Amazon and its partners unveil two types of offers. There are the famous flash sales, one-off discounts that are limited by time and stock. They are recognizable with a timer logo that displays the remaining quantities and the duration of the offer. These are very popular because they target popular brands. The best often leave in less than an hour.

On the other hand, Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty highlights more classic discounts – without specific mention. These too can go quickly when they focus on high-end and fairly recent references. Moreover, many of them have already disappeared yesterday. Once the items are unavailable, it takes a long time for the products to reappear.

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Black Friday on AliExpress works a little differently than its American counterpart Amazon. On some offers, the online merchant puts forward special codes – these are added to the basic discounts, which makes all prices plummet even more. Do not forget to add these before validating your order.

This year, Black Friday on AliExpress is clearly crazy. The online merchant may have smashed prices during his own operation, the Singles Day (November 11), he is back for this operation. Today, we can find new offers on the excellent Mi Pad 5 from Chinese Xiaomi, a premium tablet that rivals Apple’s iPad Pro.

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Top tech for Black Friday

Black Friday on Amazon is also up to par this year, don’t believe that its AliExpress consort is doing all the work. Since Wednesday, the merchant has reached a new milestone with shock deals: it shows itself worthy of this operation and of its status as a leader. Among the offers, we saw the MacBook Air M1 go to 999 euros while its base price is 1,129 euros. This is a model which has been available on the market for a year and which incorporates the overpowering processor designed by the US brand.

On Amazon, Black Friday is also an opportunity to save money on major brands: Apple, but also Sony, Bose, Philips Hue and Microsoft. If the Bose QC 35 II headphones are already out of stock at the merchant, it is the Nintendo Switch that benefits from a real honor. Still popular with the general public, it may be impossible to find by the end of Wednesday.

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In addition to the Amazon merchant, Black Friday also takes place at other players. For example, RED by SFR really stands out with immediate reductions on iPhone 13. In addition, these are available to everyone without you having to make a commitment to the operator: the offer works like a classic e-commerce site. It is the only one to offer discounts on Apple’s latest line of phones.

During Black Friday, Amazon and e-merchants have very low inventory due to the semiconductor shortage. The entire tech market is affected, including the famous iPhone 13. The boss of Apple said he feared that the range could not be found by the end of the year for this reason. More generally, all manufacturers are unable to produce enough. This is one more reason to take advantage of the offers for this operation. In addition, the holidays are fast approaching.

Make your Christmas presents in advance

In order to help you this Black Friday, we often update our selection of the best deals. You can bookmark this web page right away to come back from time to time, but don’t do the same with the crazy deals you like.

As we recall, Black Friday on Amazon, AliExpress or Cdiscount requires being quick and efficient to find the best nuggets on time. You have to know how to arrive at the right time to secure the minimum prices, many ruptures are still likely to occur today. In addition, you have the right to a safety net when shopping on the net, which means that you do not take risks.

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During Black Friday, the giant Amazon pushes back its withdrawal period to January 31, 2022. You can make your Christmas gifts immediately at a reduced price and take the time to make returns if some do not please. The withdrawal period varies depending on the merchant, it is 14 days minimum – Cdiscount offers more on many items while its rival AliExpress offers 15 to 20 days.

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