Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Amazon Echo Show is the victim of an old hack of the hacking contest

The gap was a "common factor" in many hacks of the Internet of Things during the contest, Gorenc added.

This was the first time that candidates could target devices in the Home Automation category, and there have been several firsts beyond. Fluoroacetate also compromised a Sony X800G TV (the first television target for Pwn2Own) via a JavaScript flaw in its web browser, while Team Flashback cracked the first router using a buffer overflow to take over control. a Netgear Nighthawk R6700 router. However, not everyone was successful: a Facebook portal has resisted hacking attempts.

Amazon said that she was "investigating" the Echo Show hack 5 and that she would take the "appropriate steps" to protect her devices, although she did not say what was wrong. She would do or when. It is safe to say that the result illustrates the safety risks associated with the manufacture of smart devices for the home. Companies may need to use software (and therefore add work) to optimize for connected devices, but this can also be flawed if developers do not commit to keeping this code up-to-date. specific.


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