42-year-old Miranda Adkins is knocked out against Seniesa Estrada after just seven seconds

Image: Youtube

A boxing match in the USA causes a big shake of the head. WBC flyweight champion Seniesa Estrada sends Miranda Adkins on the boards after just a few seconds. But should this duel have taken place at all?

The fight between Seniesa Estrada and Miranda Adkins lasts only seven seconds, then the latter lies unconscious on the ground. Victory by knockout for Estrada – but she doesn’t get much joy. The winner nervously tigers up and down the ring while Adkins is being treated. The 28-year-old Estrada somehow seems to have a guilty conscience. She is probably aware that this fight was anything but fair.

Seniesa Estrada is WBC flyweight champion and has won all of her 19 fights. Opponent Miranda Adkins comes from the amateur area. The 42-year-old won her five duels until she met Estrada, but they were also fights against other amateurs.

Adkins, who only started boxing at the age of 40 (previously kickboxing), has no chance against the tall favorite Estrada, who is visibly relieved after the fight that her opponent is back on his feet after a few minutes and can congratulate her.

«You should be ashamed of yourself»

In the United States, the organizers of the fight are receiving harsh criticism. “I’ve had a lot of shit *** in my over 40 years in boxing, but that’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen,” said coach legend Russ Anber on Instagram. “Whoever is responsible for sending this poor, helpless woman into the ring should be charged with willful harm! You should be ashamed of yourself. »

It’s easy to explain why the controversial fight actually took place: Boxing promoters are currently having great difficulty organizing fights. Many fighters are afraid of a coronavirus infection and currently do not want to be available for a fight. “Because of the corona crisis, we tried to get reigning and former champions. Miranda was the only one who was ready to fight, »says winner Estrada and wishes Adkins a speedy recovery.