Amandine Petit and her ex-Miss France friend pose at the beach, they set the canvas on fire

Apparently, some Miss France know deep friendships between them. In any case, this seems well be the case between Amandine Petit and the winner of the 2020 competition, Clémence Botino. Indeed, the two young women have decided to meet for a few days of vacation in a place for the less welcoming. Of course, the two beauties did not fail to share this lovely moment on the web with their fans. Objection explains everything to you!

Amandine Petit: with Clémence Booty in Guadeloupe

Rather busy weeks

By becoming the new Miss France last year, Amandine Petit was certainly aware that her daily life was going to change profoundly. Although unfortunately the pandemic of covid-19 Somehow prevented her from attending all the events planned for this year, the young woman has multiplied appearances in the four corners of France and also in the world. Still in the United States a few weeks ago for the Miss Universe election, she was present a few days ago in Cannes. Indeed, Miss France 2021 made a very noticed appearance on Tuesday July 6 on the Croisette. Objection refreshes your memory!

On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the 74th Cannes Film Festival, Amandine Petit simply dazzled the evening with her presence. An event that did not fail to delight her: ”When I was told that today I will be present for the opening of the Cannes Film Festival! It’s incredible “. Nevertheless, a small detail did not fail to arouse astonishment when he climbed the stairs. Indeed, the Miss France 2021 did not wear her famous scarf for the occasion. A small absence explained by Sylvie Tellier herself: ”The protocol prohibits any distinctive sign. Whether you are a mayor, a Miss France … not scarf! ”.

Under the sun !

After this passage through the Croisette, Amandine Petit had other trips planned. Indeed, the beauty queen is expected today in Guyana. But before reaching her final destination, the magnificent young woman took advantage of her visit to the region to make a short stop in Guadeloupe. It was for her to find another beauty queen. Amandine Petit actually visited Clémence Booty currently in the West Indies. Delighted to meet again, the two magnificent winners of the Miss France 2020 and 2021 contests did not fail to share a snapshot on the web.

Obviously very happy to see the one to whom she succeeded, Amandine Petit thus published a very nice message: ”Yesterday evening, I found my beautiful Clémence for an evening at her place, in Guadeloupe. An enchanted break for a beautiful evening. It was the first time that I went to this little corner of paradise. Have you been to Guadeloupe before?. Indeed, if the Miss France have the habit of visiting all the most beautiful corners of our beautiful country, the recent health restrictions had prevented Amandine Petit from going to Guadeloupe since the start of her coronation. Today, it’s done! Besides, it seems rather to make her happy! Amandine Petit does indeed seem to particularly appreciate the trip, she is so radiant.

Two Miss Otherwise nothing !

During this reunion, Amandine Petit Clémence Booty certainly had a lot to talk about together. They should certainly have mentioned their common experience such as their participation in the Miss Universe contest. Indeed, Amandine Petit recently went to the election of the most beautiful woman in the world. Ranked 13th in the competition, the young Frenchwoman managed to make an impression without reaching the podium. Nonetheless, she seemed very happy with her stay in Florida even though she did not take the victory.

Next December, it will be Clémence’s turn Booty to try his luck. Unfortunately, Amandine Petit will not be able to accompany her during this period. Indeed, the Miss Universe contest will be held more or less at the same time as the new Miss France 2022 election. Amandine Petit will therefore be present in France to hand over her crown to the one who will succeed her. It remains to be hoped that the next winner and she too will become good friends, as is the case today with Clémence. Booty. If some bad tongues say that the Miss France generally have the habit of shooting each other in the paws, the two young women seem in any case to prove the contrary. There does indeed seem to be a real bond with her, and even a deep friendship!

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