Amalia in rooms: surrounded by confidants, social media lurking

It was unclear for a long time: what will Princess Amalia study after her gap year? Yesterday the redeeming word came. The crown princess will follow the bachelor’s degree in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam.

With that announcement it also became clear that Amalia will live in the capital. “Apartment is being rented that the princess will share with some fellow students”, is all that came out. This raises the question of whether we can expect the crown princess at hospital evenings.

Crown princess on viewing evening?

Royal House reporter Sander Paulus states that this is ‘absolutely impossible’. “Then the crown princess comes in on a viewing evening, and then? It really doesn’t work that way. I understand that a house has already been rented in Amsterdam.” Despite the great shortage on the Amsterdam housing market, royal house expert Rick Evers also believes that a home has already been found. “And that’s not a room in an ordinary student house,” he says. “That’s just not an option for security.”

Justine Marcella agrees, because she explains that not only the princess should have a room in Amsterdam: “Look at Willem-Alexander. He lived with three roommates, chickens, a rooster and security guards. There must also be room for them in the house, because the princess has to be guarded 24 hours a day. Of course they don’t sleep in her room, but the house must be big enough that they also have their own place.”

In addition, the house must also have an escape route, be equipped with a complex security system and the princess must be able to ‘imagine herself unseen’.

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Okay, so you can’t suddenly get Amalia to visit if you organize another viewing evening in the near future. But can you still stand a chance as a room seeker to come and live in her house? “No, not that either,” thinks Marcella. “It is probably already clear who will be living with her, and they will probably just be friends who are also going to study.”

‘Self-selected housemates’

Paul agrees: “I understand that Amalia has found out herself which friends will come to live with her. It would also be impossible if they were unknown, they would have to be fully vetted.”

Too bad, you might think, but Marcella states that it takes a lot of you if you want to become a roommate with Amalia. “Even though she wants to live as normal a life as possible, she is not ordinary. And her housemates have to deal with that too. It is therefore too great a risk to live with complete strangers. Because if you come home tired after an evening steps, you can’t just post a photo on your Instagram account. You are called on to be discreet with Amalia’s privacy. But the nice thing is: if you do that as a roommate, then you are probably friends for the live with the crown princess, because that is very much appreciated.”

And coming home very tired will certainly happen one day, thinks Marcella. “Amalia has already been jokingly nicknamed Princess Mojito, because she has indicated that she likes to drink it and that her horse is also called Mojito. That nickname comes of course from Prince Pils, as her father was called. The fact is that she, just like her father, can go and put the flowers outside. She can do what she wants.”

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Evers agrees: “Amalia has already indicated once that she wants to have the full student experience, including participation in a student corps, for example.”

‘There will be videos’

Still, Sander Paulus thinks it will be more difficult, compared to Willem-Alexander, to let loose. “Many stories are known about Willem-Alexander from his student days, but hardly any photos or videos. That will be the big difference between the student life of her father and Amalia: there are social media. When Amalia is screaming in the pub, or on the bar, then videos will come online. The media are not allowed to share these videos, but I have no illusions that those videos will not come out. Amalia will really have to learn to deal with that.”

Evers about this: “I hear stories that Amalia has been spotted very often in Amsterdam in recent months: in shops, restaurants, bars. No images of that have surfaced either. I therefore have the idea that people sympathize with her and protect her by not everything on social media. Photos will be shared in family apps, but this has given me the confidence that she too will experience privacy in the time to come.”



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